Aftercare & Cremation

Grief is the price of love.

Understanding Aftercare

Following the euthanasia or natural death of a pet, there are several options available for aftercare. These options traditionally include fire-based cremation or burial.

Regardless of your aftercare wishes, we will offer to make a clay impression of your beloved pet’s paw print, and upon your request our doctor can collect a clipping of fur as a keepsake. She will also leave you with the booklet “Grieving for Your Pet: A Guide to Understanding Pet Loss”.

Rest assured that the remains of your pet are always handled with respect and dignity.

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What are my options?

I would like to have my pet cremated alone and have the ashes returned to me.

I would like my pet cremated, but do not want the ashes returned to me.

After my pet’s euthanasia, I wish to take responsibility for the aftercare process myself.

Honoring the Bond


There are many ways to honor the special relationship you held with your beloved pet. For some, it may be a photograph or memory of a joyous moment in time, or planting a tree in your pet's name. For others, memorializing the treasured relationship can take the form of a specially tailored piece jewelry such as a necklace pendant. Some may choose to have a garden stone etched, reflecting details of their friend.

It is important to honor the deep relationship you had, in your own special way. For those who would like a physical memorialization for their pet, we are partnering with a few select companies to create a beautiful, personalized keepsake.