Self-Directed Aftercare

I choose to manage my pet’s aftercare on my own

Self-Directed Aftercare

In choosing ‘self-directed aftercare’, you as the pet owner will coordinate your pet’s aftercare. This is for those who wish to bury their pet on their private property, and also includes those situations where making your own arrangements for cremation is preferred.


The Home Burial

Some pet parents prefer to keep their pet at home, for burial on their private property. In doing so, you will need to adhere to your local ordinances and laws regarding the home burial process. This is important to protect the integrity of your pet, as well as the surrounding environment and wildlife. To view the Washington State burial ordinances, please click on the following link:  burial ordinances

Washington State law requires that “a person disposing of a dead animal by burial must place it so that every part is covered by at least three feet of soil; at a location not less than one hundred feet from any well, spring, stream or other surface waters; not in a low-lying area subject to seasonal flooding or within a one-hundred-year flood plain; and not in a manner likely to contaminate groundwater” (WAC 16-25-025).


Honoring the Bond


There are many ways to honor the special relationship you held with your beloved pet. For some, it may be a photograph or memory of a joyous moment in time, or planting a tree in your pet's name. For others, memorializing the treasured relationship can take the form of a specially tailored piece jewelry such as a necklace pendant. Some may choose to have a garden stone etched, reflecting details of their friend.

It is important to honor the deep relationship you had, in your own special way. For those who would like a physical memorialization for their pet, we are partnering with a few select companies to create a beautiful, personalized keepsake.