Communal Cremation

I choose NOT to receive the remains of my pet

Communal (non-private) Cremation

Once you are ready for us to take your beloved pet into our care, our veterinarian will gently transfer them to their vehicle and make arrangements for non-private or communal pet cremation. This is a cremation where multiple pets are cremated together and there are no remains returned to the owner.

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Communal Cremation

At our center in Mountlake Terrace, we perform water cremation where we respectfully handle all steps of communal aftercare. Following the non-private, communal pet cremation, the remains are lovingly spread on private property on Whidbey Island overlooking the Puget Sound.

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Service Area

Our service area extends North to some parts of Marysville and South to Tukwila.  We also service the Eastside including Redmond, Woodinville, and Bellevue.  Please review our service area map for details.  Rates and services will vary based on availability and location within our service area.  Please call for more information.