Communal Pet Cremation

I choose NOT to receive the ash remains of my pet

Communal (Non-Private) Cremation

Once you are ready for us to take your beloved pet into our care, our veterinarian will gently transfer them to her vehicle and make arrangements for a non-private or communal pet cremation. This is a cremation where multiple pets are cremated together and there are no remains returned to the owner. Instead, the ashes are lovingly spread in a predetermined location.

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Known traditionally as “cremation”, is fire-based cremation. We are honored to partner with The Pet Loss Center, located in Auburn, WA, to respectfully and lovingly handle your pet’s aftercare. Following the non-private, communal pet cremation, the remains are collectively scattered by the crematorium in a private apple orchard located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Service Area

Our service area extends north to Marysville and south to Tukwila. We also service the Eastside including Redmond, Woodinville, Bellevue, and Issaquah. *We have limited availability to travel to West Seattle.*
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Honoring the Bond


There are many ways to honor the special relationship you held with your beloved pet. For some, it may be a photograph or memory of a joyous moment in time, or planting a tree in your pet's name. For others, memorializing the treasured relationship can take the form of a specially tailored piece jewelry such as a necklace pendant. Some may choose to have a garden stone etched, reflecting details of their friend.

It is important to honor the deep relationship you had, in your own special way. For those who would like a physical memorialization for their pet, we are partnering with a few select companies to create a beautiful, personalized keepsake.