COVID-19 Protocols

On the morning of our appointment, our care coordinator will call to confirm that no one in your household has been ill with COVID-19 symptoms, has had a known exposure to an infected person or one who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or is in quarantine or waiting for COVID-19 results. We are waiving all cancellation fees in these situations. Rest assured, we will not send a doctor to your home who is ill. Doctors will bring minimal supplies to the home and will frequently hand wash/sanitize and will disinfect supplies between appointments. Because we want to minimize person-to-person contact, it is with deep regret that we will be unable to offer our condolences via a hug or warm handshake.

We will email you any necessary paperwork prior to the appointment in an effort to reduce physical contact at your home.

If at all possible, we ask that the entire appointment be performed outside. If this is not possible, our doctor will enter the home if specific conditions may be met (please see below).  **Please know that while we are very thankful that many people have been able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we will still adhere to our protocols closely to ensure the well-being of our clients and doctors.**

Protocols for outside appointments: This may include a screened-in patio, covered porch, or open garage. Please feel free to bring out beds, blankets, cushions, or whatever is needed to create a comfortable space for you and your pet. For appointments performed outside, we will follow the following protocols:

  • The doctor will maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from family members as much as possible and keep closer distance to periods of less than 10 minutes. During the sedative injection, and the euthanasia injection, the doctor will use their discretion for appropriate social distancing and may allow a closer distance for brief periods of time so the family may remain in physical contact with their pet. The doctor will confirm with the family if they are comfortable with this situation.
  • The doctor will wear a mask, and we respectfully ask that all family members wear a mask when in close proximity to the doctor.  After the sedative injection is given, the doctor will step away... feel free to remove your mask during the time your pet is falling asleep and then please replace the mask once the doctor returns.

Protocols for inside appointments:

  •  The pet is in an entry way or foyer near a door for the doctor to easily step in/outside. This can include a sliding door in the back or side of the home. Please bring a pet bed, cushions, toys... whatever is needed to create a comfortable space.
  • Please open windows prior to our arrival to increase air circulation
  • When we arrive, we will guide you through the euthanasia process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. To minimize time within the home, we would like to have this conversation outside.
  • After we sedate your beloved pet, the doctor will wait outside until your pet is peacefully asleep, and then will step back inside to administer the euthanasia injection and make a clay paw print if requested.
  • We request that only members of the immediate household are present during the appointment.
  • Our doctors will be wearing two masks, and eye protection. We respectfully ask that all family members wear a mask for the entire duration of the appointment.
  • Because this is an aerosolized virus and we are within an enclosed space, we ask that our doctors maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from all family members at all times while in your home, and respectfully ask that all family members maintain that distance from our doctors as well.

There is also an option of administering the sedative to the pet within the home (in an entry way) and then bringing the pet outside for the final good-bye. This may allow for a closer physical distance between the family and the pet during the final euthanasia injection.

We will enter apartment buildings on a case-by-case basis if there is an outdoor space for the doctor to wait (even a small balcony would suffice), and if the pet can be near a door that leads to the outside.  We request the remaining protocols be the same as within a home.  Unfortunately, we are unable to take elevators which may make higher apartment buildings a challenge.  Please call or email to further discuss your unique situation.

Hospice and Palliative Care Appointments: If necessary, the doctor will step just inside an entry way or foyer to perform the exam if it is unsafe to bring the pet outside. The remainder of the consultation will need to take place outside.

Acupuncture Appointments: Must take place outside. The doctor will step away for the duration of the treatment, once all of the needles have been placed.

We understand that these situations are far from ideal. While the pandemic is stressful in and of itself, the additional anguish placed upon families during their beloved pet’s end-of-life journey is especially heartbreaking. We promise you that we will do our very best to make each and every interaction as peaceful and loving as possible.