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In-Home Acupuncture, Hospice & Euthanasia Services For Your Pet


The decision to euthanize a beloved pet is often one of the most difficult ones an owner can make. When a pet can no longer be kept comfortable, euthanasia is truly one of the kindest options.

When to say goodbye

At Compassion 4 Paws we help guide owners with this emotional decision by doing in-home quality of life consultations. In this consultation, we evaluate your pet’s physical condition and quality of life. From this evaluation, our vets can help you determine if your pet is a good candidate for hospice care or if euthanasia is the kindest choice to prevent your pet from further suffering.

If you determine that euthanasia is the right choice for your pet, one of our doctors will perform the euthanasia with compassion so your pet may transition  with love and dignity.

What happens during the procedure?

When the time comes for euthanasia, the pet receives an injection of a sedative and pain reliever which will allow the pet to fall quietly into a comfortable and deep sleep within several minutes. Surrounded by loved ones and sound asleep, the pet will be given a final injection of a barbiturate to bring about a pain-free death.

What happens afterwards?

After euthanasia, there are several options for after-care. We can provide transportation of the pet and coordinate cremation services, should this be desired. We offer two cremation services.

The first is a non-private or communal cremation where the pet is cremated with other animals. No ashes are returned to the family – the remains are collectively scattered into the Puget Sound in an official Coast Guard burial at sea. If the family wishes, their pet may have a private cremation where the pet is cremated alone, by themself. The remains are returned in a wooden urn with a nameplate engraved with your loved one’s name, and will be hand delivered back to your pet’s regular veterinarian’s office by a dedicated crematorium team member for you to pick up when it is convenient for your family. The third option for an owner is self-directed after-care. An owner may choose to bury their pet (after checking local ordinances) or transport the body themselves for cremation to either their regular veterinarian or a local crematorium. We also offer to make a complimentary clay paw print, regardless of the after-care selection.

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