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Compassion 4 Paws
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by Laurie & Don Atchley on Compassion 4 Paws
Thank you for making such a hard experience special

From the moment I met Dr. Audrey, she hugged me and I knew she cared. She transitioned my beautiful girl in such a loving and respectful way, and I am eternally grateful. She gave us the time we needed and reinforced that the hard decision that we were making was the right one for Jules. Thank you Dr. Audrey for your compassion and expertise.

by Rylie on Compassion 4 Paws

Dr. Audrey was so compassionate and made Roca's transition as easy as can be for both my family and I and Roca. Just by the way she carried herself and handled the process I became calmer and was able to be strong for Roca. I am so grateful I was able to say goodbye to Roca with our family and close friends and with Roca comfortable laying outside in one of her favorite spots in the shade on this warm day. This process was amazing in terms of having closure and feeling confident that I was making the best decision for Roca. Thank you Dr. Audrey 💜

by Amber on Compassion 4 Paws
Compassionate, Gentle, Caring, Kind, Beautiful Experience

Dr. Audrey came to us to support our family in saying goodbye to our sweet little family member. It was a beautiful experience that was honored with compassion, gentleness, grace and care. Dr Audrey is a empathic and caring soul. She knew exactly what we needed and respected our process. She understood that we wanted to honor our precious kitty as she passed on to a place of peace, rest and free of pain. We are forever grateful for Dr Aubrey’s presence and care . She went above and beyond to help with saying goodbye and placing our sweet Girlzie in her beautiful decorative resting box for cremation. I highly recommend Compassion 4Paws and Dr. Audrey. Very thankful for them! I’d been reaching out for weeks to connect with a in home euthanasia service to help us in our difficult decision to give out kitty a peaceful and pain free farewell. Compassion 4Paws was the only service that followed through, stayed in contact, showed true empathy and care from the start of our initial email correspondence to the moment Dr Audrey said goodbye and left our home. Most beautiful experience! Thank you for everything 💖🐾

by Myra Tishkoff on Compassion 4 Paws
Feb 23, 2019

It was the most heart wrenching thing I've had to do but it was time to let my 21 year old kitty go. I found out a week earlier that she had a cancerous tumor in her lung. She wasn't breathing or eating well. I'm grateful to Dr. Maia and Compassion 4 Paws for coming to my home and treating my sweet girl with such love and care. Dr. Maia was so patient listening to my silly stories (after 20 years I have a bunch of them). I was crying so hard, I'm not sure any of them even made sense . She explained each part of the process, answered all of my questions and took such tender care of my girl. As I held my sweet girl Dr. Maia said, "The last thing she'll remember is falling asleep in your arms." I had plenty of time to hold her and say goodbye and then very carefully, Dr. Maia wrapped her in a soft, blue blanket (I'll probably never forget that blue blanket) and it was time to let her go. At such a painful time, it was a relief to be in such good hands. I can't say enough good things about Compassion 4 Paws. Thank you for being available to help with such a difficult situation. You truly live up to your name.

by Tiffany on Compassion 4 Paws
Beautiful experience

We knew it was time to let our 16 year old pup go, but it still was such a difficult decision to make. Dozer was blind and deaf, so going to the vet often made him very anxious. We wanted his final moments to be peaceful and loving and as a family, we decided it would be best for him if we did it at home. Within minutes of Dr. Maia arriving, we felt like we had known her for years. She didn’t just jump right in, instead she took her time to get to know Dozer, listen to our silly little stories about him and give us the time we needed. The whole process was calm and she never made us feel like it was rushed. It was at our pace. Even though he was asleep and feeling no pain, she was still so incredibly gentle with our lil buddy. What was a very difficult and emotional time, when we were questioning if we were making the right decision, she completely put us at ease. We will forever be grateful for turning this dreaded moment into a beautiful experience that my kids and I will forever cherish. In all honesty, I would recommend Dr. Maia, her compassion and services in a heart beat. Thank you Dr. Maia.

by Anastasia and Reuben on Compassion 4 Paws

Dr. Audrey came to our place to find me crying in the middle of the yard, giving Jake one last potty break before it was time to say goodbye. She barely said a thing before giving me a hug, and I already knew in that moment that I had made the right choice to contact Compassion4Paws. Jake's last moments were filled with tears and love, and so much grief, but having someone there that truly and genuinely cared for the animal with love in their heart and a passion to ease their suffering made this much easier. I will cherish the little clay pawprint I got, which I baked the moment Dr. Audrey left. Making this choice was so, so, so hard, and we second guessed ourselves every minute up until Dr, Audrey confirmed that Jake was in fact in more pain than he was letting on. We had his mom, Sandy, say goodbye and we knew it was the best choice rather than let her wonder where he had gone.

Thank you, Dr. Audrey. Our little, and now even littler, family appreciates the work you did that day.

by Sherry ainsworth on Compassion 4 Paws

I want to thank you all and Dr. Sara for helping us today. We had to let our 15 year old lab/mix go today. You all handled all the communication and the visit in the most compassionate way. Dr. Sara showed up during one of the most horrificic snow storms. She let us know what would happen, without any pressure. Toby was so comfortable, and passed the way he was meant to. With his humans by his side. I can not recommend these folks enough.

by Louise Maxwell on Compassion 4 Paws

We had to say goodbye to our sweet, senior cat, Leo, last June. While it was heartbreaking for us, I can't say enough about Dr. Allison Edwards. She came to our home and was so kind, compassionate, and gentle. Leo was able to pass peacefully, surrounded by his family, and on his favorite spot on our bed. It was an enormous comfort knowing he moved on in the best possible way. For that, we are deeply grateful. Many thanks to Allison and Compassion 4 Paws. We have since recommend your services to a number of friends and will continue to do so.

by Brian on Compassion 4 Paws

What a horrifying day for myself and my family as we had scheduled to have our in home goodbyes on Tuesday the 5th of Feb and 3 hours before the arrival - the vet from this organization called and cancelled. They stated it was due to inclimate weather from the snow we recently received. Why on a day so important so our family would they do this? Why would they not themselves as a supposedly caring organization have backup plans or alternatives even if weather was limiting them on this beautiful sunny day? I am appalled and speechless over this lack of commitment and follow through from this organization and would highly encourage anyone to do your research first - there are many alternative to this place. I will also caution my Vet from recommending this place to anyone in the future. You have made a truly tragic and sad day almost unbearable for myself and my family.

Dear Brian, We felt horrible that we had to cancel your appointment, and can only imagine how difficult this last minute change was for you, your family and your pup. We cannot apologize enough. Unfortunately, for the first time in 6 years, we could not help families because of the weather. As you know, our doctor slid into a ditch that morning and was unable to get out. It was a sunny day, but well below freezing and the 8-12” of snow made travel unsafe. With this string of snowstorms, we are telling owners in advance that travel may be difficult and to make alternate arrangements. Unfortunately some things are out of our control. I am sincerely sorry we were unable to help.

by Kerry on Compassion 4 Paws
Professional care

Our beloved dog took a turn for the worse in one day on the day after thanksgiving. We called compassions 4 paws and the vet was there in a couple of hours. She was so kind, professional and gave us time to say our goodbye s. We didn’t feel rushed, it was such a peaceful passing, I highly recommend this service. Our dog Max was able to be comfortable on our couch with family next to him, surrounded with family. Thanks to Dr. Sara s kindness... we all appreciate her!

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