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by Debbie Schreiber on Compassion 4 Paws
Goodbye sweet Elsa

Dr. Tracy came out to help our Elsa pass peacefully, I'm sure that it was very calming for Elsa to be at her own home - outside under a favorite tree of hers.
My husband and I very much appreciate Tracy's calming nature and did not feel rushed at all to have the final injection given.
Thank you Dr. Tracy and Compassion for Paws!

by Barbara McNaughton on Compassion 4 Paws

It has been 6 months since Dr. Allison came to our house to evaluate our sweet cattle dog Anni, and help us make the very difficult choice of letting her go. I can’t say enough good things about the entire experience, other then how difficult it was to say good-bye. Dr Allison took her time,was patient and loving with Anni as well as with us. We miss our sweet dog every day but feel so good about the choices we made in the end with the help of Compassion4paws. Thank you so much.

by Vonnie Benofsky on Compassion 4 Paws

You know there's an end to everything, including the time you have with your pets. Alex--a feral kitten brought home by my youngest son--lived for 23 years without any health issues and never needed a Vet until her last day. My plan was to allow her to die of old age--it sounded pure and natural. It looked unkind, inhumane, slow, uncomfortable and unnecessary. Dr. Allison was intuitive, kind and solicitous of Alex, and me, and made Alex's last moments easy, comforting and pain free. I felt enormous relief and gratitude to have made the decision for an in-home euthanasia. Thank you Dr. Allison; compassion says it all!

by Steve Gappmayer on Compassion 4 Paws
Saying goodbye to my best friend...

My best friend, Doodle, was showing signs of Lymphoma in late 2017. I chose to give him the most comfortable life possible until it was time to say goodbye. When that time came in April of 2018, compassion 4 paws was chosen to be there with me for his final moments. The doctor was compassionate, caring, and extremely patient with me and Doodle (as well as my other cat, who was present in the room to say goodbye). Never have I experienced something so heartbreaking as this, but I rest easy knowing that it was done in-home vs having his last memory be something scary in a clinic. I got to pet and say goodbye to Doodle, and send him on his way home without any judgement or rush. A week later, he was returned to me in a cherrywood urn, along with a compassionate card from the team. I cannot recommend compassion 4 paws enough, both for the caring nature of the staff, but for allowing you to say goodbye to your loved ones in their environment without knowing or feeling a thing. Thank you for everything.

by Reed Okawa on Compassion 4 Paws
Oliver's Journey End

After almost 17 years, my cat Oliver's journey was at it's end. I wanted to make his final moments as easy and stress free as possible. Dr. Allison was extremely patient, compassionate, and professional throughout the whole process, helping me to exceed these goals. No pressure or time constraints and I felt Oliver was in very good hands as he left to be cremated, an optional part of the services provided. I cannot say enough good about Compassion 4 Paws, and the services they offer. I will be calling them again when it is Oliver's sister's time. Thank You Dr. Allison.

by Maria on Compassion 4 Paws
Highly recommended

Dr. Lindsay was great. She was kind, professional, and gentle with my sweet, ailing cat. I've never been through euthanizing a pet before, and Dr. Lindsay was great at explaining the process and giving g me plenty of time along the way to cry and say goodbye to my sweet kitty. I opted to not receive her ashes, but Dr. Lindsay made a nice keepsake paw print for me to have, and also sent a personalized sympathy card later that week. I was able to let my cat have her final moments in the yard at home rather than transporting her to the vet, which seemed better and less stressful for my kitty.I was recommended Compassion 4 Paws from my sister who had also had a good experience with Dr. Sara.If you are needing this type of service for your pet, I would highly recommend them.

Thank you

I will be recommending Compassion 4 Paws to all my friends and family with aging pets. Thank you to Dr. Allison for making a heartbreaking situation a little easier. My kitty was with me for 17.5 years and because of this service was able to pass peacefully in my arms in the comfort of his own home.

by Emily on Compassion 4 Paws

My former experience having a cat put to sleep was traumatic, but using this service was 100% different. My kitty went peacefully in my arms, and the doctor was warm and understanding. Well, well worth the money.

by Anonymous on Compassion 4 Paws

My dog passed away peacefully in my arms last month. I would like to thank both Tasha Denison and Dr. Lindsay who where both there for me during this difficult time - they were extremely kind, patient, supportive and caring.I would also like to thank the Compassion4Paws's team for the complimentary clay paw print and for hand delivering my dog's ashes back to me. Thank you so much.

by Anonymous on Compassion 4 Paws

We had the most amazing experience we could have possible imagined with Dr. Lindsay. They were very responsive and accommodatingWe lost our 8 year old pup last Sunday. She quickly declined due to a brain tumor in a matter of 3 days. We called Friday after having made the toughest but most graceful decision for her to euthanize her. They responded promptly and booked us for 2 days later.Dr Lindsay showed up right on time. She was very respectful of our privacy in saying goodbye to our pup. She didn't rush us or influence us to hurry. She was also very thorough in explaining the process of how it happens . To top it off we just received a sympathy card with a personalized note from her expressing her sympathy during such a sad time. Made me cry some more.I highly recommend this place for any service.Thank you Compassion 4 Paws and Dr Lindsay for going above and beyond in making such a tough event so positively memorable (given the situation) for our family. It was truly appreciated.

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