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Compassion 4 Paws
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by Emily on Compassion 4 Paws

Thank you Dr. Kelli and the entire team for helping us let go of our beloved Sassy this past weekend. From the first phone call we received professional, compassionate, and gentle treatment from the entire Compassion 4 Paws team. They answered all of my questions from start to finish and made the entire process run smoothly. Dr. Kelli came to our home and was incredibly compassionate and loving towards Sassy, as well as giving us as much time as we needed with Sassy. Letting her go at our home where she was comfortable was one of the best gifts we could give her and we are so filled with gratitude that places like Compassion 4 Paws exists.

by Mike on Compassion 4 Paws

Thank you Dr. Kelli for helping nudge our beloved 14 year old Irish Water Spaniel, Brody, on to his next journey. Even though Brody had a long, happy and active life, and was ready for the transition, it was still difficult for us. Dr. Kelli showed compassion and respect as we bid adieu to our friend and goofy sidekick.

Thank you Dr. Kelli and Compassion 4 Paws.

Godspeed Brody. You are missed.

by Burkett on Compassion 4 Paws
Thank You

Thank you Dr. Allison for helping us during this very hard time for our family. Professional, compassionate., and helped walk us through the process and expectations. Very very grateful for Eliza and their ability to get all the information to me clearly beforehand which allowed our appointment to flow smoothly and focus instead on our loved one when it mattered. -The Burketts

by Quinn on Compassion 4 Paws
We are incredibly satisfied with Dr. Sarah

We want to let families know that during this difficult time with your furry family member, you are in great hands. Dr. Sarah put us at ease and walked us through every step. We are forever grateful for helping our little dog Bean go to the big playground in the sky.

by Daina and Bill on Compassion 4 Paws
Loss during the time of Covid

Dear Reviewee, We waited far too long to let our sweet girl leave this life - a common practice among pet owners/lovers - and making a call was not going to happen, so we emailed C4P and they communicated the entire process via email. When Dr Tessa arrived at our home we were ready/not ready and she knew exactly how to handle us. With respect and compassion Dr T assisted the dying process at our emotional speed and our amazing Minster remained calm until her last breath. Thank C4P and Dr Tessa for everything; coming to our garage, following CDC guidelines, and taking our sweet girl in dignified manner. Sincerely, BanD KaMp (m is for Min)

by Melissa Holbert on Compassion 4 Paws
Thank you!

My family had to make the hardest decision on Sept. 2, 2019 to put our dog Louie to rest. Dr. Sara was the absolute most compassionate, kind and patient doctor the entire visit. She carefully walked us through each step, she allowed us time to say good-bye and took such care of Louie but also us every step of the way. My in-laws then needed her services again with their own dog. They had very unique circumstances and Dr. Sara was incredibly flexible and handled our situation with the greatest care. Thank you for everything you have done for our families!

by Gulia and Dallas Saville on Compassion 4 Paws
Compassion 4 Paws is amazing

The decision to euthanize our beloved Simba was the hardest decision we ever made.. our veterinarian advised compassion 4 paws, and we know now that it is the only way to go when time comes to say goodbye to your pet. We called them to schedule service. Dr Audrey came over at exact time it was scheduled..she is amazing, very compassionate, kind and caring. Our Simba liked her right away, and our other doggy as well. She talked to us so beautifully and reassuring..She explained every step, and was very patient, caring through the whole process. She gave us as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes to our Simba.. and also gave us private time with him. Our Simba received the most caring love and respect at his last journey..
Thank you so much Dr Audrey and Compassion 4 Paws. You are amazing, and I would highly recommend them without any doubt when time comes to make the hardest decision for your beloved pet. There is no other way to go, only with Compassion 4 Paws. Thank you.

by Michelle Zambrano on Compassion 4 Paws

After making one of the hardest decisions ever for Kevin our cat who was diagnosed w/FIP.. we contacted Compassion4PAWS to schedule euthanasia. I felt immediately from the moment Dr Audrey arrived that she was one of the most kindest and compassionate person I'd ever met. She was as concerned for us, Kevin's humans as she was for Kevin. Dr Audrey explained the process with such care and never once did she rush us and always asked if we ready to proceed after a step or needed more time. When Kevin had finally passed to the bridge, more time was given to us to be with him. She even offered to make a keepsake foot print for us. While she waited for us she spent time with our dogs showing love and compassion to them as well. The care she took in wrapping him up in a blanket for travel, even more compassion was shown and we were given the choice to carry him out to her vehicle and place, yet again allowing us with more time and one final good-bye. I cannot say enough about Dr Audrey and Compassion4PAWS... All I can do is highly recommend them when your time comes to make this hard decision. Rest assured, your fur baby will receive the most loving care and respect.

by Denise Barwell on Compassion 4 Paws
Thank you

Thank you so much for helping us through a very difficult day right before Christmas. We were so sad to lose Liam, our cat of 17 years, but the way Dr. Tracy supported all of us, including our three crying teenagers was remarkable.

by Kathryn Neugent and Garrett Thompson on Compassion 4 Paws
Dr. Audrey, thank you

Yesterday, Dr. Audrey came to our apartment to help our cat Betty rest. From the moment she stepped into our home, Dr. Audrey made everyone feel comfortable. She spent time with my girlfriend and me, asking questions about Betty's life, telling us about the procedure, and making sure that we were going at the pace that was comfortable for all of us. She was respectful, compassionate, and was a genuine friend in the hardest of times. Without her support and professional conduct, Betty's passing could have been much more painful. When you allow a stranger into your home to help a family member pass, you want to make sure that this person can be there in your time of need. If you are looking for someone to help, you won't find anyone better than Dr. Audrey. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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