Honoring the Bond

Memorial Item Options

Custom Dog Keepsake Heart Print


This custom silhouette portrait is digitally drawn by the artist from your personal photo of your beloved pet. You choose colors, and can include a memorial line at the bottom or simply leave with just the silhouette or heart. Available in multiple sizes.


Paw Print Memory Box


The Paw Print Memory box, suitable for engraving, can be used to store urns, favorite photos, and mementos of your sweet pet. Available in 2 sizes.



Custom Concrete Pet Memorial Stone


This personalized pet memorial stone, available with or without a photo of your pet, is rustic and simple, and appropriate for indoor or outdoor display.


Rainbow Tablet Pet Memorial Stone

$99.95 - $169.95

This beautiful personalized Rainbow Tablet Memorial stone with natural pink, red, purple, orange, brownish and beige color veins, is a perfect way to honor your beloved pet. Available in 3 sizes.


Pet Memorial River Stone

$34.95 - $124.95

The Pet Memorial River Stone is a lovely tribute to your sweet pet. It can be personalized with your pet's name and a beautiful graphic. Multiple sizes available.


Walnut Wood Pendant with Cremation Ash and Flowers


This lovely Walnut Wood pendant combines your beloved pet's ashes with white, orange or turquoise flowers.  Available in multiple chain lengths.

Eternity Earrings


These lovely sterling silver earrings contain a glass marble infused with your beloved pet's ashes and are available in a variety of colors.


Serene Ring


This stunning sterling silver ring contains a glass stone infused with your beloved pet's ashes and is available in a variety of colors.




Ponderosa Tree of Life with Burning Bush Bubble Flame Orb


The Ponderosa Tree of Life is hand twisted around a Burning Bush Bubble Flame Orb that contains your beloved pet's ashes. Wooden stand is included.

Mana Cremation Bracelet


The Mana Cremation bracelet holds a hand crafted Sisu Bead glazed with your pet's cremation ash, and is strung on hand knotted nylon cord bracelet. Multiple bracelet and bead color options. Each additional bead is $49. Bracelet is custom made to fit your wrist.

Ready for Adventure


This Ready for Adventure safety pin holds beads containing your beloved pet's ashes. Available style options are Epic, Triumph, Courage and Warrior.  Multiple color options available.


Luster Globe


Infused with your beloved pet's ashes, this glass handmade globe has an iridescent finish and flattened bottom so that it can sit safely when displayed. A complementary keepsake touchstone accompanies each globe.  Multiple color options available.


Small Luster Heart


This handmade, glass iridescent Luster Heart keepsake is infused with the ashes of your beloved pet.  Multiple color options available.


Paw Print Fine Belcher Necklace


This fine belcher chain with sterling silver links holds a pendant with your pet's unique paw print and name imprinted on it. Purchase the Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit, or provide your own print or clay cast.  If you have more than one pet, you can hang two same sized pendants on one chain, or choose two descending pendants.  3 lengths chain and multiple pendant shapes available.



Paw Print Love Keyring


This lovely sterling silver key fob is hand-crafted from sterling silver and stamped with your pet’s unique paw print and name.  Purchase the Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit or provide your own print or clay cast.