Cremation By Water

Urn Options

Resting Waters Scatter Vessel

Included with aquamation

This dignified and durable container simplifies the scattering process and can be displayed or put away for safekeeping. The vessel can be recycled or composted and is complementary with every individual aquamation. Appropriate for pets up to 200 pounds.


American Cedar Box Urn

$62 – $98

This fragrant cedar box is finished in medium gloss to bring out the rustic and distinctive wood grain. The base can be removed for access to remains inside.  Appropriate for pets up to 130 pounds.


Himalayan Rock Salt Urn

$75 – $325

This Himalayan Salt handcrafted urn is unique in color and finish, and will dissolve within 4 hours when placed in water. It can also be kept in the home on display, or put away as a keepsake.  Appropriate for pets up to 150 pounds.


Beautiful Blue White Keepsake

$150 – $275

This handcrafted soft blue, slab urn is topped with a cork to make the remains easily accessible and secure.  Appropriate for pets up to 160 pounds.


Sea Passage Urn

$48 – $68

Handcrafted from biodegradable paper, this urn floats in water and then sinks and breaks down naturally over time.  Appropriate for pets up to 200 pounds.


Sleeping Cat Urn


This cat figurine conceals the remains contained within and is a beautiful way to remember your beloved kitty.  Appropriate for pets up to 20 pounds.

Honoring the Bond


There are many ways to honor the special relationship you held with your beloved pet. For some, it may be a photograph or memory of a joyous moment in time, or planting a tree in your pet's name. For others, memorializing the treasured relationship can take the form of a specially tailored piece jewelry such as a necklace pendant. Some may choose to have a garden stone etched, reflecting details of their friend.

It is important to honor the deep relationship you had, in your own special way. For those who would like a physical memorialization for their pet, we are partnering with a few select companies to create a beautiful, personalized keepsake.