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In-Home Acupuncture, Hospice & Euthanasia Services For Your Pet

Compassion 4 Paws In-home Comfort Care For Pets In The Seattle Area

Just like all veterinarians, I have always been driven to help animals. This has involved everything from vaccinating puppies and kittens, treating ear infections, treating gastrointestinal ailments and removing cancerous lumps with surgery. And much more. I was once told that veterinary medicine is 10% working with animals, 90% working with people. The human-animal bond can be phenomenal – this is what drives me. The unconditional love an animal can give, and the care and love a human can return. I have found this can be most poignant during periods of discomfort/pain and at the end stages of life of the pet.

In today’s society, we are very fortunate in the number of ways we can help our pets. There are all types of specialists, many different medications, great quality foods, and also holistic treatments.

I am very passionate about what I do, and why I do it. In future blog posts, I will expand on these thoughts and the services I provide. I will also discuss the value of acupuncture in the management of many conditions that affect our pets. Over the last few years, I have developed a deep interest in animal hospice. While this may not be a model that everyone would like to follow, I feel like it is important to give these options to people and make it known that palliative care is available at many different levels. Future topics will also cover all aspects of euthanasia – when to consider it, the actual procedure, and also support of the pet owner during and after the loss of their pet.

I am always willing to answer any questions and offer guidance to pet owners however I can. I look forward to offering other options to pets and their humans.


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