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Archive for 2014

Eulogy for Jackson

Jackson had found his way into so many hearts by the time we adopted him! Afflicted with Addison’s Disease at the age of seven and about to be euthanized for reactivity issues in October, 2007, Jackson had been deemed unadoptable. Upon hearing this news, a woman who had known Jackson read more >

Do Animals Really Stay Still for Acupuncture?

The answer is… most of the time. I am asked this question frequently. Acupuncture causes the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters so many animals find the procedure very relaxing and some will even fall asleep. Some animals just tolerate the treatment, and look as if they humoring me by read more >

Zoe’s Story: ‘Zoe and Me’

  It’s been a little more than three weeks now since her passing, and thoughts and reminders of my Golden Retriever of almost 15 years are with me at every turn. At 4:00 in the afternoon, I’m thinking it’s time to feed her…but then I remember. I walk through the read more >

A Tribute to Mackie

We met him in a Burger King parking lot in January, 2003.  Westie Rescue of California had called and told us about a male Westie who was found near Modesto, California.  No tags.  No chip.  All efforts to find his home were unsuccessful, so the woman who found him, took read more >

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